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Introducing Human Resource Management

Introducing Human Resource Management

by Caroline Hook

  • ISBN 9781292230375
  • English
  • 949 Pages
  • 258354 Words

Introducing Human Resource Management

by Caroline Hook

Introducing Human Resource Management is a lively and engaging introduction to the key topics and issues surrounding people management. Clearly linking HR theory to the work environment, this book explores core areas such as HR strategy and planning, employee engagement, diversity and equality, and talent management and development. The text combines solid academic underpinning with

practical examples to allow you to consolidate your learning and apply it in practice. This 8th edition has been fully revised to include: • The latest developments in relation to Brexit. • A new section about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). • Greater coverage of Talent Management in organisations. • More emphasis on employee voice.

• A focus on developing your employability skills in areas such as: management of self, management of your learning, problem solving, thinking critically, working with others, data handling, communication and business awareness.

This text will help you succeed in your studies through:

• ‘What would you do’ and ‘what do you think’ boxes to get you actively involved in your own learning.

• ‘What next’ features to encourage you to find out more about a topic. • ‘Activities’ to get you to apply knowledge to an issue or problem.

• ‘HR in the news’ features articles from the Financial Times to promote discussion of real-life examples of HR in practice.

• ‘Review questions’ (with answers) to help you check your understanding of a topic. • ‘Improve your employability’ exercises to help you develop your skills and employability.

Introducing Human Resource Management is ideal for a first course in human resource management at undergraduate or professional level, including courses that lead to a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualification. This new edition maps each chapter against the CIPD’s standards.

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