Watch Dogs 2 Reviews 2017

Watch Dogs 2 release

Among Mr. Robot and the third season of Black Mirror , the latest technology scares a little bit more than before: in this report to conflicting traits between the machine and the average user, you enter hackers , computer scientists who like to infiltrate where there should and sabotage things that should not be touched. Just this tells us about Watch Dogs 2 , after the founder who, released a couple of years ago, however, had introduced interesting mechanical no value them in the best way, and especially flagship title for Ubisoft this Christmas 2016. Will Watch Dogs 2 to shoulder the full weight of which, each year, it accepted the series of Assassin’s Creed? Let’s find out together.

So forget the gloomy and rainy Chicago, but most of the (almost) sociopath Aiden Pearce; space instead to the colorful and sunny San Francisco, put on fire by a group of young boys “stylish” who like to hackers. The story puts us in the shoes of Marcus Holloway a member of the new DedSec, an organization that now appears to have slightly different purposes from those seen in the previous episode of the series. The main antagonist of the protagonist is once again Blume, multinational company that, despite the unsuccessful use of CTOs in Chicago that, with the new version 2.0 has managed to create a technology infrastructure that makes associates and “smart” all cities the United States; of course, as many groups of hackers who have gone to the bottom of it, the connectivity is only an excuse that Blume and other Silicon Valley companies use to control each individual citizen. Marcus, accused of a crime he did not commit, then begins a battle staff (supported by his group) to open people’s eyes and expose the plans of Blume.

Told in this way, the story of Watch Dogs 2 on the paper would also be interesting shame that, in the course of its evolution, manch of those key elements that are used to create a compelling and engaging storyline. The plot is fairly flat, the characters are very cool in style, but hatched with very little depth ; also missions that advance the main narrative strand lack bite and almost unconnected. More than anything, though, I felt the lack of a real villain (although a figure is present) and a plan that it pointed to make what happens on the screen due to a real end goal. Despite the absence of the above elements, the missions are peppered with dialogues as a teenager, jokes and references to the universe geek (Batman, Predator, the Flipper Dolphin, Star Wars, and more) and more generally to a range of situations that seem to squeeze in an all too obvious the eye to a certain range of gamers. Just this element is the first key that leads us to the poor judgment of Watch Dogs 2 . The more experienced and mature players, probably, may remain puzzled by the choices made by the development team with regard to this aspect, while the younger ones will find a title that communicates with them using jargons and children ways of current times (you saw that I found an elegant way to avoid using the word “bimbominkia”? Oops, I said it!).

Out of its appearance narrative discourse, I enter into what, in my opinion, is the most successful part of the entire package: the gameplay. Mindful of the complaints made against the previous episode, the Ubisoft developers have revolutionized massively hacking component , transforming it (finally!) In a real added value. Our Marcus can indeed interact with virtually any electronic circuit of the city (traffic lights, smartphones of other citizens, robots and much more), not to mention the fact that his side also has the option of using a drone and a jumper (two innovations absolute of this episode). Skills and gadgets that are associated with a set of skills branches that enhance and extend the moves of Marcus, widen appreciably the window of opportunity of individual missions , with a greater presence of options to be combined with each other and that follow the fantasy of who is playing without any particular limit. You want to use an aggressive approach? You are free to do so : imbracciate your weapon (the arsenal is more than adequate), and chest facing the enemy taking advantage of covers pretty good system. Instead prefer something more discreet and furtive? Objects (drone and jumpers) at your disposal, the parkour skills or gun / taser ordinance will allow you to be lethal, but at the same time silent. Like finally take full advantage of your hacking skills? Disturbed communications, short circuit sends the control units or do finish the unfortunate name turn on the notebook of one of San Francisco’s gang (the result, then, will be discounted).

As you can easily guess, the cards put on the table as Watch Dogs 2 are varied and all very fascinating. Precisely for this reason, observe and play a series of missions too similar to each other, he has left a bad taste in the mouth. Round and round you are in fact to always face the usual types of tasks: undercover somewhere, downloads data, it infects a system, run by someone and little more. After some time the repetition factor begins to be felt, belittling (even if only in small part) the complete freedom of approach which was mentioned earlier. In all this also weighs an artificial intelligence it does not always brilliant, especially in phases of pure action, showed the side by several concerns.

To find a minimum of variety I then had to entrust to decent amount of side quests and challenges that populate the streets of San Francisco. In this respect the work done has fully satisfied me in the car and motorcycle races, clandestine challenges with the drone, become a pilot car sharing and more are useful options to break the rhythm of the main campaign, thus diverting the risk repetition. To these is added a marginal alternative online component to the experience, but also able to break the monocordia the single-player campaign. Besides the opportunity to address some operations in cooperative mode with another player, Watch Dogs 2 offers a number of much more invasive options: you can steal data to rivals hackers entering their game (or vice versa), join the police to hunt subject to an enemy or otherwise providing support to an ally of DedSec nearby. Fun options, well-built, but who do not have a specific weight in the economy of the game , taking shape just as pleasant and fun alternatives. Quiet, if you’re lonely players will simply “tweak” in the online options to avoid unpleasant intrusions.

In the swirl of activity in which we participate, we include also the ability to take selfies in the most iconic places in the map and the presence of a number of stores that allow us to customize our alter ego , not to mention that nothing prevents us to rest sipping an espresso or buy new machines. In this regard, I make a small final gloss on the driving model which, unfortunately, is still unsatisfactory, with means too light and sensitive to changes in direction. In this sense, it could do much more, especially thinking about the criticism that had been leveled to the driving pattern of the previous chapter.

Watch Dogs 2 therefore offers a more than decent variety of locations all free-roaming outset in style free roaming, plus a range of tasty easter egg. The same amount of detail helps make credible and recognizable each environment, giving to those who play a feeling of realism in these cases is always welcome. Sin only for a series of polygonal interpenetrations that, however, in the economy of a game with so many elements you put quietly in account.

Speaking of style, generational discourse emerges in all its arrogance. The character models are fairly detailed and rather extreme in the way they are portrayed: color palette rather lit, fashionable clothes and excesses everywhere extremely return perspective “young”. Worrying is instead the frame rate , which at times has fallen drastically under 30 fps per second: during my testing this situation has severely occurs in a conspicuous only a few times, and I am sure when the game , as confirmed by the developers, everything will be settled.

In the wake of the amount of content, it also points out a soundtrack rich rather that includes various music genres ranging from electronic to punk / rock, with bands like Motörhead and Judas Priest . Less convincing the dubbing in the original language that alternates voices fairly successful in other completely unrelated, to tone and depth, the character played. Same speech with regard to the sampling of sounds: some are well-managed, while others, such as those of arms, definitely not sufficient.

  • - 8/10