War Robots: The Best Action Games 2017

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According to him, at the beginning of 2016 Game War Robots (at the time Walking War Robots) was listed globally promoted by Google projects. The game was in the collection of new and updated games ( according to App Annie the game was not great or small banner) from 14 to 21 January. Walking War Robots will now be called War Robots. COO Pixonic Igor Klyukin said, in connection with which this decision was taken and any changes waiting for the team.

To be honest, two years ago, we chose the name based on the simple queries. It should clearly describe and understand our target audience, about what our game. Then it was possible. We would like to occupy a niche of walking Mechs we took it. Now, two years of operating the project began to better understand the market and the potential of the project, which is able to go away and take a niche combat robots in general. Even when formulated plans to build a brand around the War Robots Cheats, it became apparent that specific word in the title only prevents and limits.

In addition, the updated name War Robots greatly simplifies the distribution of the game through word of mouth among users. Two words easier than three. On the contrary, after the name change, we assume a small drawdown of organic plants because of the indexation rules when searching. But the potential reduction is estimated as insignificant against the background of our current marketing and growing volumes. But, as we believe, increase virality and awareness project. Recall, for the past April, the company earned $ 1.3 million, and in the first quarter of 2016, Pixonic, according to App Annie to data entered in the top ten most profitable Russian mobile gaming companies.

Ficher a positive impact on the daily downloads. Before him, the game downloads, on average, 18 thousand times a day, after fichera this number to 35 thousand gradually decreased to 20 thousand for a long time. At the same time the quality of the downloads fall, Igor did not find: The quality of plant mass can sink. Looked retenshn for those dates there is something, but the strong drawdown did not notice.

War Robots the main blockbuster Moscow Pixonic (also has an office in Berlin). The total game downloads exceeded 20 million. In May last year the company reported that it earned in April 2012th $ 1.3 million. In October 2016 the company acquired Internet giant Mail.Ru Group for $ 30 million.