Turbo League: The Best Racing Games For Android

Turbo League

While Google is focusing more and more on the mobile gaming industry working on a new version of Google Play for hardcore gamers, a developer based in Dubai has decided to propose to the iOS and Android mobile device one of the greatest successes and unexpected of 2016 from the world of consoles and PC. Here you want Turbo League!

Following the overwhelming success of Rocket League , later published also in retail edition, the company Zero Four LLC has chosen to repeat the same soccer game with cars with the formula of free-to-play and any in-app purchases . In the title, which is also multi-player, you will be able to challenge in real-time match divided into two different teams of three against three players. As mentioned above, the App is available for free for both Android device that via the iOS and in-app purchase allows you to recharge the amount of turbo used in our fights. Judging from the various reviews on the store, Turbo League still has some optimization problem that involves performance not right at the top of the possibilities. Anyway, in case you’re interested, here we leave you the link for direct download from the Google Play Store and the announcement trailer of the game released a couple of weeks ago on YouTube !

Turbo League Features:

  • Personalize and create stunning designs on your lap with our Decal editor specially designed to attract the artist inside you.
  • Fresh look with our futuristic wheels with unique design.
  • Chat with other players around the world, make new friends and invite them personally for a quick game messaging through our staff.
  • Uniquely Designed cars flying around Arenas Amazingly detailed
  • Play with all mobile users worldwide

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