NBA Live Mobile Review For Android

nba live mobile

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2016) could not be forged full potential without a game tested this device and exactly what I did. It’s about NBA Live Mobile for free in Play Store and we had a blast on this phablet. The game has excellent graphics and is type FIFA Ultimate Team , the team fantasy and not real, which assemble the cards of NBA stars. Launched in February this year, NBA Live Mobile is controlled with the left stick to move virtual and has special buttons for locking or lid placed opponents. We trashed and we have a meter that load quickly and have reached the green fixed if we want to find ourselves ring. It is also possible dribbling and running with the same button.

I often missed throws and difficulty level was high and good players are hard to get here. It is also possible to make a slam dunk if you make virtual buttons combinations and always final quarter of the match time will be in slow motion and everything will seem more dramatic. Matches last four quarters, of 2 minutes and 3-point baskets unfortunately not really fall.

There PvP matches, which are slightly lighter than against the AI. In addition we have daily challenges, such as throwing to the basket from different positions within a time limit, back up a few points away from other tasks. Unfortunately packs of cards players are very expensive and hard to move up and get good players in this title.

Need and the Coins and Cash NBA Live Mobile Hack and there is a Stamina Meter, which allows us to play a few matches. The animations are excellent and different stunts and special moves delight last seconds of game rounds. Basketball fans must not miss this game and generally fans EA should try it, although it has high difficulty. We give it a 9.2 out of 10 and download it here for Android