DC Legends – Mobile RPG at the comic con announced

DC Legends cheats

The first events of this year’s Comic Con are currently underway in New York. In the course of the fair, Warner Bros. Interactive yesterday announced the free-to-play strategy RPG DC Legends for smartphones and tablets. The release of the game for iOS and Android is already set for November. If you’re early, there’s a Wonder-Woman-Skin at no charge for the launch.

In DC Legends , you are a group of superheroes or super-scouts from the comic universe of DC. Batman, the Joker, Superman, Harley Quinn – they’re all there. Your mission is to complete a variety of missions and quests to get the top villain in the game, Necron, and his Manhunter. When you are compiling your team, however, you are not limited to what superheroes and super-guilds work together in the DC Comic World. In DC Legends, you can create your own alliance and compete with your teams against players from all over the world in an arenace fight. 14 different leagues is to offer the Mobile game each with very unique rewards for the leaders of the rank list.

Before you can integrate the famous characters into your teams, you have to unleash them in DC Legends cheats. New characters are available for both daily and weekly events related to the action in the comics, TV shows and films, as well as for playing and, of course, against real money in the free-to-play game shop . Various skins also seem to give more, as the current promotional campaign for the Mobile game shows. If you register via Google Play or E-Mail before the launch in November, you get “Striker Wonder Woman” free of charge for the release. Above level-ups for your characters that further enhance the skills of your heroes and villains, and collecting items such as Batman’s Batarang or Lex Lughor’s Kryptonite Ring, the game will provide additional incentives.