All you need to know about eggs Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO eggs

They thought that the eggs are only maintaining a given speed of movement? We also: unfortunately the reality is slightly different from how we have presented the first rumors and leaks from Pokémon GO game code; In fact, according to what is documented by a Reddit user who performed detailed field trials, the rules that govern the hatching of the eggs would be very different than originally thought, and with the right patience and meticulousness in the preparations can benefit from work played.

Are you ready to find out everything you need to know about the hatching of eggs Pokémon GO?

What is the mechanism that lies behind the of kilometers distance calculation performed by the Pokémon GO server? It must have been pretty much the question that has set the user Reddit Beastamer, who posted on the social network the results of its technical analysis: After creating an account Pokémon GO test him and an associated GPS spoofer to prevent any interference could interfere in the test creation, it has come to interesting conclusions.

Basically, the speed to be maintained so that the eggs Pokémon GO receive the exact amount of kilometers traveled is 10.5 km / h or 175 m / m ; the Niantic servers do not calculate, with a strict accuracy, speed maintained by the user but rather merely to update every minute the position of the device in use. If a hypothetical track as the crow flies from position A to position B servers recorded a distance of 175 m / m or less, the user receives precisely the number of meters crossed. Of course the speed of 10.5 km / h must be increased if the path is not linear, but is affected by deviations and curves.

That said, the eggs Pokémon GO do not update the counting of meters walked every minute but every four; accordingly, walking in a straight line for 4 minutes exactly, the game should record a distance of 0.7 km/h.

As proof of his theories, Breatbeast has conducted a series of tests at higher speeds:

– Speed of 10 km / h 1 km recorded.
– Speed of 10.5 km / h 1 km recorded.
– Speed of 10.8 km / h 0.3 km, 0.4 km and 0.6 km recorded.
– Speed of 11 km / h 0.3 km, 0.2 km and 0.5 km recorded.
– Speed of 12 km / h 0.5 km, 0.1 km and 0.7 km recorded.
Myths and errors

Of course, the testing phase has also taken steps to dispel some myths related to the hatching of eggs Pokémon GO. In particular, the calculated distance is not affected by external factors but still integrated in the game as the mechanical phase of a Pokémon catch, the opening of the menu, the interaction with the Pokéstop or with gymnasiums (but nevertheless remained constantly moving ).

Secondly, it can happen to walk 175 meters in one minute and still not receive the expected success in terms of distance; the only possible explanation, that is also the most logical, involves the update time of the placement of servers.

In fact, the user can not know for precise accuracy at what time the game will send a location to Niantic server unless you start walking in the immediate aftermath of the Pokémon GO opening. It can therefore happen to go in the remaining 30 seconds of a location update a distance (the end of which the player is not aware) higher than that walkable at a speed of 10.5 km / h, and consequently do not observe significant changes in the counter of eggs Pokémon GO.

The speed to be maintained in order to obtain the maximum number of kilometers traveled is 175 m / m, thus making the hatching of eggs Pokémon GO unfeasible if done by bike or car and even during a jogging session.